BookNZ specialise in the design, typesetting and production of printed and online books and other media.

We differ from many other graphic design companies in that we have years of experience in traditional typesetting and production methods, allied with sophisticated technology and creative expertise. We are able to offer you a complete service from manuscript to print, including editing and proofreading.

Our experience and commitment to quality and accuracy ensures that you may be confident that your project will be designed, typeset and produced not only to look great, but also to be optimised for prepress, ensuring no costly last-minute delays.

Fast e-mail and a very favourable exchange rate with most countries mean that we are able to produce projects for overseas publishers at a greatly reduced cost. We can take an e-mailed manuscript and return PDFs of sample designs by e-mail. Once the design is approved, and typesetting and production is complete, we can supply finished artwork in the best format to suit your service bureau. Working in this way can represent a huge saving in time and money.


The security of your data is a most important consideration for us. We are aware of the high cost involved in data loss and have put in place stringent measures to ensure that even in the event of fire or theft, not only can we be up and running again in the shortest time possible, but your project is encrypted and secure from unauthorised access.

All documents are stored centrally on our file server, which has no connection to the Internet. There will only ever be one working copy of your project, ensuring that there is no risk of an out-of-date document being supplied. The entire system is regularly backed up onto multiple sets, including secure offsite. Once projects are completed, they are encrypted and permanently archived, again with secure offsite copies. Our projects database allows instant searching and retrieval for revised editions.

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New Zealand is a primarily English-speaking country, with a stable political and economic climate. We have experience in the UK book industry and combine our traditional composition skills with the latest technology.

We are cost-effective — an excellent exchange rate means very competitive pricing. To further streamline costs, we offer two levels of service: design and production; or production from existing or supplied design. You pay only for what you need.

We are accurate and fast — because we specialise in bookwork, jobs are set up specifically so that major corrections or revised editions can be produced as fast and as accurately as possible. Also, the time difference and our fast e-mail can work in your favour, meaning instructions sent to us at the end of your working day can be actioned by us effectively overnight.

We are reliable and secure — you can be confident in our ability to meet agreed deadlines, and our sophisticated backup and archive procedures mean that you are secure from the risk of data loss.