A critical element of design for print is whether the design techniques used are suitable for the printing process, stock and target market.

Whether you supply a detailed design brief or just the raw manuscript, we at BookNZ will ensure that our in-depth knowledge of the print process means that designs will work from the start and will not need to be revised because of prepress constraints.

If you decide to receive PDF files and have access to Adobe Acrobat Exchange software, you can use it to annotate notes to the designs. You can then e-mail the PDF back to us for further refinement or production, thus speeding up the process even more. This is cheaper and more accurate than faxing. For more information about Acrobat PDF files, please click here (just close the window when you have finished to return to this page).

It is usually possible to select elements from different samples to create the finished design, giving us an opportunity to fine-tune the look to meet your exact requirements. Our huge collection of typefaces and many years’ experience mean that text and images all work together to produce an attractive and readable finished project.

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Once a brief or manuscript has been received, we typeset and produce several sample designs for you, incorporating all the main elements of your project. Each design is checked to ensure that it fits your planned extent, then supplied as proofs or e-mailed as PDF files (viewed using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software — see below for more details). Accompanying the proofs or files is a design summary containing details of each design, including typefaces and sizes for each of the key elements, and a general notes section explaining the overall look and feel of the design.